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All of my websites are responsive, enhanced for mobile, and built for search engine optimization. 

Don't let your competitors have the edge. Get your business out there. Get the help you need from start to finish. 

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Alena Alambeigi Bio

Alena Alambeigi Bio

Alena has been a tech enthusiast her whole life. Even at a very young age she was interested in how things worked.

When she was 16 some of her earliest freelance work consisted of graphic design jobs for restaurants and clubs. It wasn't long before she built relationships with local businesses and started to help them market their companies. She also dabbled in many other areas of the web and ended up working for a cyber security company leading her own investigations department. In that time, she learned the importance of keeping all types of data safe online. You can find her covering various conventions for partnered websites. She's reported at E3, DefCon, Blackhat, PAX East, and NYCC to name a few.


Mission Statement

My mission statement is simple; to deliver credible, professional, and quality work to you.


I take pride in the content I create ensuring that everyone is happy with the end result.Many web specialist can be untrustworthy (much like car mechanics) and take advantage of the fact that some people aren't familiar with the web.

I like to instil trust in my clients by allowing transparency and not only creating great content for them but teaching them priceless information that they can use for a lifetime. It's dangerous to go alone. Have an expert on your team. I help great people do great things.


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Pricing Plans

Tired of getting the runaround from design firms? Here are my standard prices. No hidden or monthly fees. Each tier will get you a fully functioning and responsive website. Best of all, free hosting!


Ideal for Individuals


Single Fee

  • 1-3 Page Design
  • Standard Support
  • 3Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Users
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Ideal for small businesses


Single Fee

  • 1-5 Page Design
  • Standard Support
  • 5Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Users
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Ideal for small to medium sized business


Single Fee

  • 1-7 Page Design
  • 5 Free Support Hours
  • 8Gb Storage
  • Unlimited Users
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Ideal for medium to large businesses


Single Fee

  • 1-12 Page Design*
  • 8 Free Support Hours*
  • 10Gb Storage*
  • Unlimited Users
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